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What's New: Product Capabilities

We're adding new capabilities on a regular basis! Check here often for our newest and coolest capabilities.


Looking for all of the other cool enhancements we've made? Check out our growing list of enhancements and software version updates.

Enhanced Service Account authentication with Workload Identity Federation

14 May 2024

Enhance your security and scalability with our latest Service Account update (Custom API Integration), featuring Workload Identity Federation. This advancement allows machines to securely access Venafi Control Plane APIs without traditional API keys, aligning with modern enterprise authentication policies and providing greater access control through scopes. Designed to support PKI administrators in better serving modern application teams, this update facilitates improved VCert deployment and authentication in mass deployment scenarios, including support for VCert and Terraform provider integrations. Learn more

New service account type supporing workload identity federation

Provision with Cloudflare

30 April 2024

Exciting news! You now have the capability to easily provision certificates and perform machine-based discovery for your Cloudflare connectors. Learn more

Updated Venafi Control Plane UI now available

08 April 2024

We've redesigned the Venafi Control Plane UI to streamline your workflow. The new vertical menu structure simplifies navigation and brings efficiency to your certificate management tasks. The modern layout adjusts to your preferences, ensuring a user-friendly experience that enhances productivity. Sign in to Venafi Control Plane and take it for a spin!

The all-new modern navigation bar

Certificate revocation now available for Microsoft AD CS

08 April 2024

Announcing the launch of the Certificate Revocation feature, a significant enhancement for administrators using Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS). This new functionality allows for the direct revocation of certificates issued through AD CS, streamlining security responses and certificate management. Whether through the user interface or the API, administrators can now efficiently manage the lifecycle of their certificates with detailed reasons for revocations and immediate insights into revocation statuses. Learn more

Revoke certificates in the Inventory issued by Microsoft AD CS certificates"

Scheduling functionality for Machine Provisioning

20 March 2024

Effortlessly run your machine provisioning by enabling the scheduling functionality on your machines. Learn more

Schedule certificate provisioning"

Certificate provisioning for Google Cloud Provider

26 February 2024

You can now enable TLS Protect Cloud to provision new certificates in Google Cloud Provider (GCP) for use with Google services. Learn more

Schedule certificate provisioning"