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vsatctl install

Install a single node Venafi VSatellite cluster


Install a single node Venafi VSatellite cluster.

vsatctl install [flags]


 vsatctl install


  -h, --help                       Help for install
      --install-dir                Specify a path to a folder where you want to install all VSatellite artifacts
      --loglevel string            File logging level (default: "DEBUG")
      --pairing-code string        Pairing code to register with TLS Protect Cloud
      --region                     Specify the region where your tenant account resides (default: US)
      --silent                     Silent kubernetes installation without displaying event and progress bar
      --sudo                       Use sudo for installation. e.g. set to false when using the root user and no sudo is available. (default true)
      --timeout-seconds int        The maximum timeout in seconds when waiting for each VSatellite service to be installed (default 180)
      --accept-license-agreement   By specifying this flag, you are accepting the Venafi End User License Agreement terms (


When using --install-dir, carefully review related hard disk requirements.