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Monitoring your deployed VSatellites

Use the VSatellite's page to monitor your deployed VSatellites. From the Details view, you can do the following:

  • view a VSatellite's current status
  • verify the last time a VSatellite checked in to TLS Protect Cloud
  • view each VSatellite's list of currently supported services

To monitor a VSatellite

  1. Log in to TLS Protect Cloud.
  2. Click Settings > VSatellites.
  3. (Conditional) If the VSatellites page isn't already in Detail view, click button for switching to Detail view (in the upper-right corner of the VSatellite page).
  4. Select the VSatellite you want to monitor. The status of the VSatellite is shown above the Summary and Connected Workers tabs, as well as in the details section under Status.
  5. (Optional) Scroll to the Supported Services table to view the list of services assigned to the selected VSatellite.

    Click on a service name to open its Details page.