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Monitoring your deployed VSatellites

Using the Detail view, you can monitor your deployed VSatellites to view their current status. You can also verify that last time they checked into Venafi as a Service and view their currently supported services.

To monitor a VSatellite

  1. Log in to Venafi as a Service.
  2. Click Infrastructure > VSatellites.
  3. (Conditional) If the VSatellites page isn't already in Detail view, click the Toggle switch to display Detail view.
  4. Select the VSatellite you want to monitor. The status of the VSatellite is shown above the Summary and Administration tabs, as well as in the details section under Status.
  5. (Optional) Under Supported services, click the number to view a list of services assigned to this VSatellite. This takes you to the Services page and applies a filter to show only those services that are assigned to the current VSatellite.

Last update: November 10, 2021