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Reference: vsatctl

When using the vsatctl tool, refer to the following commands for details.

  • preflight: use to identify any environmental or prerequisite issues before install
  • install: use to install a new VSatellite
  • uninstall: use to uninstall an existing VSatellite
  • update (proxy-config): use to update one of your proxy configs
  • restart: use to restart your VSatellite services after updating proxy config
  • support-bundle: collect VSatellite logs for diagnosis
  • import: use to import your data encryption key (DEK)
  • export: use to export your data encryption key (DEK)
  • version: use to display the version of your vsatctl command-line tool
  • diag: a command-line diagnostic tool designed to troubleshoot your VSatellite

    Did you know?

    Running vsatctl version returns the version of the vsatctl tool. You don't need to worry about upgrading versions of the VSatellite application itself because it's self-updating.