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Getting started

To get a VSatellite connected to your TLS Protect Cloud account, you'll need to download and run a binary setup utility on a Linux server within your target network.


Before you install a VSatellite, carefully review these important prerequisites:

  • Ensure the sudo command is available on your target Linux machine for installing VSatellite. sudo is required for the installation process. Alternative privilege elevation utilities, like dzdo, are not supported and will result in installation failure.

  • If you plan to install on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), carefully review these special considerations.

  • If you plan to use a proxy, note that TLS MITM is not supported as a proxy mechanism.

  • The target computer where you plan to install VSatellites should not have any existing K8s installed or running. If there are, you must first uninstall them as they will create a conflict during the VSatellite installation.

  • Ensure that your target machine meets all system requirements.