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Enabling or disabling a user's local account login

Venafi as a Service administrators can selectively control which users are allowed to use local accounts for logging in. If you're a Venafi as a Service administrator, you can enable or disable local user account login functionality for any user.


The primary purpose for allowing local accounts is for situations when your SSO goes offline—either intentionally or due to an outage of your SSO service—and an alternate authentication method is required. As a matter of tightening security, using a local account to sign in to Venafi as a Service should be reserved for use by authorized administrators only in cases where SSO isn't available.

To enable or disable local account login

  1. Sign in to Venafi as a Service.

  2. Click Settings > User Management, and then click Users.

  3. On the User Management page, find and click the user name you want to edit.

  4. Select or clear Enable local login, and then click Save.

Did you know?

To complete the process, owners of accounts where you've enabled local account logins will need to set up their local login account passwords. Once set, then the next time they sign in to Venafi as a Service, they'll have the option of signing in using either SSO or by entering their local user account credentials. See Setting my local Venafi as a Service account password .

Last update: November 9, 2021