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Enabling or disabling a specific user account and it's associated API key

If you need to offboard specific users, you can disable their accounts and associated API keys by simply checking a box. You can also re-enable accounts by clearing the same checkbox.

Can't I just revoke their SSO or email sign-in account?

If you've revoked a user's SSO access and, where applicable, disabled their email sign-in account, they can no longer sign in to Venafi Control Plane products. However, their API key remains fully operational.

To ensure that their API key can no longer be used, you should also disable their Venafi Control Plane user account.


Disabling accounts can only be performed by Venafi Control Plane administrators who possess the System Administrator role.

To enable or disable a user's account

  1. Sign in to Venafi Control Plane.
  2. Click Settings > Users.

  3. On the Users page, find and click the user name you want to disable.

  4. From the Summary tab, select or clear Disable user account, and then click Save.