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About Venafi as a Service Teams

Venafi as a Service lets you organize your users into teams. A Venafi as a Service Team is a collection of users with one or more team owners and an associated Venafi as a Service role that's assigned to all members of the team.

You can assign teams as owners of specific applications and organizational units (OU), which gives team members access to those applications and OUs.

Team memberships can be managed manually; or, if you've enabled SSO, they can be managed automatically.

The Venafi as a Service Teams feature offers several key benefits, including the following:

  • Helps prevent system outages caused by orphaned applications or OUs; orphaned objects can occur when a user assigned to them leaves Venafi as a Service

  • Applications and OUs assigned to teams are more easily managed since all members of a given team have access and visibility into them

  • Makes on-boarding of new users easier when you assign them to a team that has access to specific resources

  • Assigning roles to members of a team is much simpler and easier to manage than assigning roles to many individual users

Best practices for creating and managing teams

Creating teams and adding team members is easy. But before you start creating teams, consider the following:

  • Who do you want to add as team owners?

  • Who do you want to add as team members?

  • What role do you plan to assign to your team so that team members can do their work most effectively?

  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) within your Venafi as a Service account so that users can be added to Teams automatically based on their group assignments, role assignments, etc. within your SSO solution.

Last update: November 9, 2021