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Manage certificates using Organizational Units and Applications

A Venafi as a Service Organizational Unit (OU) lets you represent your organization directly in Venafi as a Service. You can associate business critical applications directly with an OU owner. OU owners can be specific users or teams. In turn, when an outage is detected, OU owners and others you can designate receive notifications of current and impending outages.

Applications are bundles of software that make up your site’s back end, from the operating system and web servers to APIs and programming frameworks. Each component provides a layer for their compatibility, and bundling them makes them easier to download and deploy all at once. The components of an Application can range from the general (an operating system) through to the specific (a particular PHP framework).


Your company has an OU called Mobile Banking. That OU could own various business critical applications, such as mobile payment and online banking.

Each of these applications can contain tiers within them, such as:

  • Web tier - the web server, or HTTP server (External)
  • Business tier - Application server (Internal)
  • Database tier - the database server (Internal)

Last update: November 10, 2021