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Installing Venafi Kubernetes Manifest

Before you begin

Before using the Venafi Kubernetes Manifest tool, ensure you have the following command-line tools installed and added to your PATH:

All other dependencies can be provisioned automatically.


Ensure your account has access to the relevant Kubernetes clusters within your environments. You need to have the same permissions as those that allow you to install Helm charts manually.

Obtain and run the Venafi CLI tool binaries

The Venafi Kubernetes Manifest utility is released in concert with, and installed as part of, the Venafi CLI tool.

  1. Download a Venafi CLI tool binary.

  2. Install the Venafi CLI tool.

  3. Extract the archive, and ensure the binary can run on your machine. You can check that the install was successful by running the following command:

    venctl components kubernetes manifest generate --help
  4. Finally, initialize the Venafi Kubernetes Manifest tool.

    Venafi Manifests can be applied to a cluster using the Venafi CLI tool. Applying manifests requires a one-time setup. Use the following command to ensure that everything is installed correctly:

    venctl components kubernetes manifest tool init --force

Next steps