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Venafi Kubernetes Manifest utility

The Venafi Kubernetes Manifest feature of the Venafi CLI tool is a powerful command-line utility which streamlines the installation of Venafi Kubernetes components in clusters.

It generates a Kubernetes installation manifest which precisely defines the desired state of your deployments, allowing for easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades. It knows about dependencies between components, can discourage installation of components with known issues, and encourages best practices in terms of security and maintainability.

The Venafi Kubernetes Manifest utility supports distributed releases across multiple clusters, making it well-suited for complex multi-cluster and multi-environment deployments.

The Venafi Kubernetes Manifest utility is released in concert with, and installed, as part of the Venafi CLI tool.

Key features

  • Deployment Packages: Platform operators can effortlessly select and deploy the necessary Venafi components tailored to the needs of their teams.
  • Version Compatibility: Each release comes with a set of "default" component versions which are tested together, improving compatibility for users.
  • Version Pinning: Specify precise versions of the Venafi Kubernetes components to ensure consistent deployments across diverse environments.
  • Distributed Releases: Effortlessly manage releases across multiple Kubernetes clusters, facilitating complex multi-environment deployments
  • Upgrades: Seamlessly upgrade Venafi components, ensuring a smooth transition between versions.
  • Support for Air-gapped Environments: Venafi Manifest Generator supports pulling images and charts from self-hosted registries, enabling operations in air-gapped environments.