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Venafi Enhanced Issuer image flags

Venafi Enhanced Issuer is a cert-manager issuer that can be either cluster-wide or per namespace. This component enables your clusters to issue certificates from Venafi Control Plane.


venafi-enhanced-issuer [flags]

Application flags

Flags Type Description
-cluster-resource-namespace string The namespace for secrets containing cluster-scoped resources.
-health-probe-bind-address string The address the probe endpoint binds to.
-kubeconfig string Paths to a kubeconfig. Only required if out-of-cluster.
-leader-elect Enables leader election for controller manager. Use this flag if you want to ensure that there is only one active controller manager (default true).
-log-flush-frequency duration The maximum number of seconds between log flushes (default 5 seconds).
-max-retry-duration duration The maximum amount of time after certificate request creation for retries after an error occurs (default 2 minutes)
-metrics-bind-address string The address the metric endpoint binds to (default ":8080").
-zap-devel Development Mode defaults (encoder=consoleEncoder, logLevel=Debug, stackTraceLevel=Warn). Production Mode defaults (encoder=jsonEncoder, logLevel=Info, stackTraceLevel=Error)
-zap-encoder value Zap log encoding (one of json or console)
-zap-log-level value Zap level to configure for logging verbosity. Can be one of debug, info, error, or any integer value greater than 0 which corresponds to custom debug levels of increasing verbosity.
-zap-stacktrace-level value Zap level at and above which stacktraces are captured (one of info, error, panic).
-zap-time-encoding value Zap time encoding (one of epoch, millis, nano, iso8601, rfc3339 or rfc3339nano). Defaults to epoch.