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Venafi Enhanced Issuer API reference

Resource Types:


VenafiClusterIssuer is the Schema for the Venafi Cluster Issuers API.

Name Type Description Required
apiVersion string true
kind string VenafiClusterIssuer true
metadata object For informatin on the metadata field, see Kubernetes API documentation. true
spec object false
status object false


Name Type Description Required
venafiConnectionName string true
zone string For VaaS: Zone = "[Application][Template]" - Application is the name of the Application in Vaas. - Template is the name of the Issuing Template as shown in VaaS. For TPP: Zone = [PolicyDN] PolicyDN is the distinguished name of the policy folder to use when issuing certificates. Example: \VED\Policy\TLS\TeamAlpha. You may omit the prefix \VED\Policy\. true


Name Type Description Required
conditions []object List of status conditions to indicate the status of an Issuer. Known condition types are Ready. false


IssuerCondition contains condition information for an Issuer.

Name Type Description Required
status enum Status of the condition, one of (True, False, Unknown). true
type string Type of the condition, known values are (Ready). true
lastTransitionTime string LastTransitionTime is the timestamp corresponding to the last status change of this condition. Format: date-time false
message string Message is a human readable description of the details of the last transition, complementing reason. false
observedGeneration integer If set, this represents the .metadata.generation that the condition was set based upon. For instance, if .metadata.generation is currently 12, but the .status.condition[x].observedGeneration is 9, the condition is out of date with respect to the current state of the Issuer. Format: int64 false
reason string Reason is a brief machine readable explanation for the condition's last transition. false