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Venafi Control Plane Operator overview

Venafi Control Plane Operator for Red Hat OpenShift is designed to assist customers in installing, maintaining, and upgrading Venafi cluster components, including cert-manager, Venafi Enhanced Issuer, and Venafi Firefly. You can use VenafiInstall custom resources to precisely define the desired deployment state.

This operator streamlines the process by providing:

  • Deployment Packages: Platform operators can select and deploy the necessary Venafi components tailored to the needs of their teams.
  • Version Compatibility: Each release comes with a set of default component versions, which are tested together, improving user compatibility.
  • Version Pinning: Specify individual versions of Venafi Kubernetes components to ensure consistent deployments across diverse environments.
  • Distributed Releases: Effortlessly manage releases across multiple Kubernetes clusters, facilitating complex multi-environment deployments.
  • Upgrades: Seamlessly upgrade Venafi components, ensuring a smooth transition between versions.

Venafi Control Plane Operator is certified and available on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.