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Viewing Kubernetes cluster information

The Clusters page provides access to a wealth of information on the Kubernetes clusters connected to TLS Protect Cloud, including certificate details.

The Summary panel at the top of the Kubernetes Clusters provides information on cluster, long-lived certificate, and ingress health. It also shows data on the number of certificates found in clusters, how many long-lived certificates are not managed by cert-manager, and the number of non-Venafi cert-manager issuers.


You must have already connected one or more clusters to Venafi Control Plane. For more information on connecting Kubernetes clusters to Venafi Control Plane, see Connect a Kubernetes cluster.

To view Kubernetes cluster information

  1. Click Installations > Kubernetes Clusters.
  2. Click the Name of the cluster whose details you want to view. Cluster information is displayed within a panel located on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click the Certificates link below in the main title in the information panel to see information on the certificates installed on the cluster.

    The Certificates page appears listing all the certificates installed on the cluster.

  4. Click the Certificate Name of any certificate you want more information on. Details on the chosen certificate appear on a panel on the right of your screen.