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Certificate Approval list

The Certificate Approval list shows the certificate approval rules that are used to apply workflow settings to certificate requests. For example, you can have rules that control who has to approve a certificate request based on information in the certificate request.

The approval rules are listed in ranked evaluation order, which means the rule at the top of the list, with priority 1, will be evaluated first.

When a certificate request matches a rule, no further evaluation takes place. If a certificate request doesn't match a rule, it will be evaluated against the next rule in the list. If a request matches the exception criteria in a rule, the Continue Processing on Exceptions feature controls whether further rules are evaluated.

If a rule has an exception, you can specify whether that exception stops processing further rules or not.

This page allows you to do the following:

  • To view or edit the details of a rule, click the rule name.
  • To delete a rule, click the menu button (at the end of the row), then click Delete.
  • To reorder the rule priorities, use the drag icons at the beginning of the row to drag an item to a different place in the list.
  • To create a new rule, click the New button.