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Searching and filtering the certificate inventory

The certificate inventory can grow to thousands of certificates. In order to help you find the certificate you're looking for, Venafi as a Service provides robust search and filter capabilities on the certificate inventory.

You can save frequent searches for quick access to filters that you use on a regular basis.

Open the certificate inventory

Open the certificate inventory by going to Inventory > Certificates. At the top of the inventory list, you'll see the search and filtering options:

screenshot of the search filter, search box, and filter selector

As you enter text into the free text search box, the inventory automatically begins to filter based on the text you enter. The free text search box searches the following certificate fields:

  • Subject DN Common Name
  • Subject Alternative Names DNS

screenshot showing the location of the Subject DN Common Name and Subject Alternative Name DNS fields

Use the search type selector dropdown to refine the results.

Using the filter selector

Click the Filter button to open the filtering panel.

There are many filtering options available in the filtering panel, allowing you to get very specific and refined results. The following tips will help you get the results you want:

Tips for using the filter panel

  • When you select two criteria values from the same filter, the filter uses the OR operator. When you select two or more unique filters, the filters use the AND operator.

    Screenshot of certificate inventory filter

  • Domain Name searches both the Common Name and Subject Alternative Name DNS fields.

  • After you click Apply, your filter will be shown at the top of the certificate inventory.

    Screenshot of search filter location

  • The search box and the filter can be combined into a single search

Saving a search filter

Saving search filters is a quick way to run a search without having to re-enter all the search parameters.

  1. After you've built your search filter, click Save next to the search filter summary.
  2. Enter a Name for the search filter.
  3. If you want this filter to be applied by default every time you open the certificate inventory, select the Set as default search checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

Your saved search is available from the search type selector button. From here, you can also select a new default search filter or delete any saved queries.

Screenshot of saved search

Last update: December 14, 2021