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Filtering the certificate inventory


This feature is also available in the Next Gen certificate inventory. These instructions are for the classic inventory.

The certificate inventory can grow to thousands of certificates. In order to help you find the certificate you're looking for, TLS Protect Cloud provides robust filtering capabilities.

You can create and save filters for quicker recall of the ones you use regularly.

Open the certificate inventory

Open the certificate inventory by going to Inventory > Certificates. At the top of the inventory list, you'll see filtering options:

screenshot of filtering options

Using the free-text filter box

When you enter key words into the free-text filter box and click Apply Filter, TLS Protect Cloud filters on the following certificate fields:

  • Subject DN Common Name
  • Subject Alternative Names DNS

screenshot showing the location of the Subject DN Common Name and Subject Alternative Name DNS fields

Click Add Criteria to refine your filtered results.

Wildcard filters for certificates

A wildcard certificate is a public key certificate that can secure multiple subdomains of the primary domain. Compared with conventional certificates, a wildcard certificate can simplify the complexity and reduce costs by using a single certificate for a single primary domain and all associated subdomains.

The certificate includes a wildcard character (*) in the domain name field. For example, * will secure all these subdomains on the * domain:


Let's give it a try!

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Certificates. At the top of the inventory list, you'll see filtering options. Click Add Criteria, and select Domain. This will bring up another filter called Domain Any.
  2. Click the filter called Domain Any and enter your wildcard in the free-text filter box. Make sure to enter \*. as the wildcard to filter, followed by your criteria. For example, if you enter \*.com, this returns all wildcard certificates for all fields.
  3. Click Apply Filter.

screenshot of wildcard search

Saving a filter

Saving filters is a convenient way to run pre-set filters without having to re-enter all the parameters.

  1. After you've built your filter, click Save next to the filter summary.
  2. Enter a Filter Name for the filter.
  3. If you want this filter to be applied by default every time you open the certificate inventory, select the Make this the default filter checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

Your saved filter is available from the filter type selector button. From here, you can also select a new default filter or delete any saved queries.

Screenshot of saved search