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Requesting and viewing a certificate

You can easily request, download, and view a requested certificate using Venafi as a Service.


Be sure that the prerequisite steps have been completed before you start.


You can only submit certificate requests for applications where you are listed as an owner. Also, the application must have at least one certificate issuing template assigned to it.

If either of these are not met, edit the application before proceeding.

To request a certificate

  1. In the menu bar, click New > Certificate Request.


  2. From the Organization > Applications screen, select the checkbox next to the application, and then click Request Certificate.

  3. In Installation Settings, choose the application where the certificate will be installed. Click Next.

  4. From the Application drop down, choose the application that this request is for.

    Why don't I see the application I'm looking for?

    Only applications that meet the criteria listed in the note above will show up. Make sure the application meets those criteria.

  5. Select the correct Certificate use-case

    What is a certificate use-case?

    The certificate use-cases listed here represent the certificate issuing templates assigned to the application. If you're not sure which one to pick, check with your PKI Administrator.

  6. Click the radio button for the Request method you want to use. If one of the buttons is grayed out, the PKI Administrator has disabled that option in the issuing template.

    Complete the fields. Depending on the issuing template, some fields may be pre-populated and others may be locked.

    For fields that you can edit, make sure that they conform the guidelines in the Use-case CSR and security requirements column on the right.

    After you've completed the fields, click Submit Request.

    Generate a CSR, and paste it into the CSR Upload field. Then click Submit Request.

The request is now sent to the CA specified on the issuing template.

View the certificate request

  1. In the menu bar, click Inventory > Certificate Requests. By default, the most recent request should be at the top of the list.

  2. If there are default filters set, click Clear Filters.

    Screenshot of the clear filters button

  3. Click Filter and then enter a piece of information you know about the certificate (for example, its domain name or owner).

  4. Click Apply.

    The list changes to display certificates with the criteria you specified.

  5. Click a certificate's tile to see details about it.

Last update: November 12, 2021