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Importing certificates from a CA using EJBCA

TLS Protect Cloud provides the ability to import certificates from EJBCA.

If you are using a VSatellite connection to your EJBCA account, you can import certificates to TLS Protect Cloud manually, or automatically on a schedule.


Before you begin, make sure you have created a CA using the CA Connector option, using the EJBCA type.

To manually import a certificate using a CA connected via EJBCA

  1. Sign in to TLS Protect Cloud.
  2. Click Integrations > Certificate Authorities.
  3. Locate the certificate authority with the certificates you want to import, then click it to show the details.


    EJBCA-connected CAs are listed with the type Connector CA.

  4. Click Import.

The Status field changes to Running. You will need to refresh the page to see when this process finishes.

Imported certificates will be available in the inventory. Use the Imported from filter option to find certificates imported from this certificate authority.


You can modify other options on the details page of the Connector CA. However, be aware that if you change the settings to disable include revoked or include expired certificates, it will not remove any existing certificates from your inventory. Any new revoked or expired certificates would not be imported after you disabled the related setting.