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Overview: certificate issuance

Venafi Control Plane streamlines the process of certificate issuance and renewal for application owners and PKI administrators. By providing a self-service portal and a scalable platform, it enables efficient management of certificate lifecycles.

This practical approach allows for quick, policy-compliant certificate provisioning and easy integration with existing tools and systems, either via APIs or a user-friendly GUI.

Features and benefits

  • Self-service portal: Empowers users to request and manage certificates efficiently, reducing the time from request to issuance.
  • Compatibility with multiple CAs: Works with public, private, and self-signed CAs, offering flexibility and ease in switching between different certificate authorities as needed.
  • Extensive partner ecosystem: Leverages Venafi's broad technology partnerships to orchestrate applications and services seamlessly with certificates.
  • Scalable platform: Accommodates varying scales of certificate requirements, ensuring reliability and performance even under high demand.

Audience and use cases

Ideal for organizations seeking a robust and flexible solution for managing the lifecycle of certificates. Especially beneficial for application owners who need to secure their applications quickly and in compliance with policies.

Requirements and compatibility

Next steps

Explore the features and functionalities of the Control Plane to enhance your certificate management process. Start by setting up your Certificate Authorities and creating your Certificate Issuing Templates.