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Manually refresh DigiCert certificate authority

Changes made to certificate authority settings on the CA side can impact TLS Protect Cloud, for example, if validated organizations are added or removed.

If you need to refresh the configuration for a DigiCert CA connection in TLS Protect Cloud you can use the following procedure.

To sync the DigiCert configuration

  1. Sign in to Venafi Control Plane.
  2. Click Integrations > Certificate Authorities.
  3. In the list of CA's, click the DigiCert entry in the inventory.
  4. Click Account Refresh.

TLS Protect Cloud will authenticate with DigiCert and use its API to retrieve the current configuration and update the options stored in TLS Protect Cloud.

If the updated configuration makes an issuing template invalid, the affected issuing template is marked invalid, and you'll see a warning. If that happens, go to the affected issuing template(s) and update as needed.

What's Next

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