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Microsoft AD CS integration with TLS Protect Cloud

Many organizations use Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) to issue internally-trusted certificates. Connecting Microsoft AD CS to TLS Protect Cloud provides comprehensive visibility and automation. TLS Protect Cloud can provide visibility to the certificates issued by Microsoft AD CS, and it can also automate certificate issuance through Microsoft AD CS.

How it works

Microsoft AD CS connects to TLS Protect Cloud using a VSatellite and a VSatellite Worker.

The VSatellite is installed on a Linux server, and it creates the connection point between your organization's internal network and TLS Protect Cloud.

The VSatellite Worker is the connection point between the VSatellite to your Microsoft AD CS server.

VSatellite Worker diagram

What's Next

The information in this section provides you with the information you need to set up AD CS integration with TLS Protect Cloud.

Before you start, you're going to need a couple servers for your VSatellite and VSatellite Worker. If you don't have those yet, have a look at the system requirements.

Also, your AD CS service is going to need to meet certain configuration requirements.

Once the servers are in place and your AD CS is properly configured, we'll walk you through the rest of the setup.