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About TLS server endpoints

Venafi Control Plane gives you an easy way to see the TLS server endpoints where certificates are installed.

What is a TLS server endpoint?

A TLS server endpoint refers to any location on a network where a certificate is presented by a machine.

To view the TLS server endpoints list

  1. In the menu bar, click Inventory > TLS Server Endpoints.

    A list of endpoints sorted by IP address is displayed.

  2. If there's an entry in the SNI (Server Name Indication) column, click it to see associated certificates.

To view TLS server endpoints for a specific certificate

  1. In the menu bar, click Inventory > Certificates.

  2. In the Certificates list, click a certificate to get details about it.

    You can use filters to find a certificate.

  3. Click TLS Server Endpoints.

    On the TLS Server Endpoints tab, you'll see all the devices using that certificate, sorted by IP address.