Assigning or reassigning a certificate to an application

Discovery finds and brings into your inventory many certificates that have not been assigned to an application. OutagePREDICT allows you to assign these certificates to their appropriate applications.

To find unassigned certificates

  1. After discovery is complete, in the menu bar, click Inventory > Certificates

  2. Click Filter.
  3. Set properties, discovery, expiration, and installation filters, as needed.
  4. In Applications, select Not assigned to an application.
  5. Click Apply.

    A re-filtered certificate list is displayed.

To assign a certificate to an application

  1. Select one or more certificates that you want to assign to one or more applications.
  2. Click Assign > Assign Certificates.

  3. In Assign Certificates, specify the application(s) to which you want to assign the certificate(s).
  4. Click Assign.

    You'll see a notification that the certificate was assigned to the application.