Discovering internal certificates via Organizational Units and Applications in OutagePREDICT

OutagePREDICT helps you find and manage internal and external certificates.

If your company already has organizational units, you can set up OutagePREDICT to mirror them. By adding applications to org units, it'll be easier to assign and organize the discovered certificates.

After discovery and assignment, you can set up email notifications for certificates that could potentially cause outages.

Steps required for internal discovery (via Organizational Units and Applications)



Create an Organizational Unit

Admin or Application admin

Add applications(s) to org unit

Admin or Application admin

Invite application owners to the application

Admin or Application admin

Add internal IP addresses/ranges or FQDNs to scan

Application owner

Download and install Scanafi
Browse to Scanafi executable, open cmd line window, and execute Scanafi command
Copy Scanafi command line
Run command


Certificates added to inventory


Assign certificates to applications Application owner

Set up email notifications

Application owner