About certificate Issuing Templates

What is a certificate Issuing Template?

Certificate Issuing Templates are used to configure certificate security policies that are enforced when certificates are issued.

Issuing Templates contain issuing rules which reflect your company's certificate security policies for requesting or renewing a certificate. Think of a certificate issuing template as the spec sheet for a specific kind of certificate request. You can create as many issuing templates as you need.

To use a certificate issuing template, you must associate it with a Zone.

IMPORTANT  Projects can be created only by a System Administrator or PKI Administrator.

Overview of how it works

A certificate Issuing Template contains fields that include:

  • Template Name
  • CA Account
  • Issuing Rules
  • Additional fields that are linked to a specific CA account

    Example  For Digicert Cert Central, an additional field is called Product Option.

TIP  If you're in a DevOps role, you can specify a Zone when you use integrations and our Rest API. Certificates that are issued must conform to the policy requirements specified in the Issuing Template associated with the selected zone.