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About the Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities

The Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities is designed to help organizations unify and standardize machine identity management across diverse environments. This broader mission reflects directly in the real-world applications and services of Venafi's TLS Protect solutions for data centers, cloud, hybrid environments, and the edge.

What's a control plane?

A control plane is a key component utilized in different fields such as networking and storage, with the goal of centralizing control and effectively managing complexity. It achieves this by implementing a standardized approach, thereby avoiding the drawbacks of having multiple control systems with inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

When properly implemented, control planes contribute to improved speed, reliability, and security by eliminating overhead and the duplication of efforts that often impede development.

Unifying machine identity management

The Venafi Control Plane emphasizes seamless integration across data centers, cloud, hybrid environments, and the edge. TLS Protect Cloud products align with this vision by providing a robust solution to manage TLS/SSL certificates, ensuring uniformity and integrity wherever they're found.

Discover, monitor, and protect

The core functionalities of TLS Protect Cloud echo the Control Plane's objective of reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. Through discovery, monitoring, protection, and resolution, the product offers a straightforward and effective approach to preventing outages and safeguarding against security breaches.

Accelerating digital transformation

The Control Plane's role in accelerating digital transformation and modernizing approaches finds a tangible application in TLS Protect Cloud. By offering tools for discovering server certificates, monitoring their status, and managing them effectively, the product helps organizations navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape.

Reducing risks and enhancing productivity

TLS Protect Cloud embodies the Control Plane's promise to eliminate outages, reduce security risks, and improve machine identity management efficiency. Whether through discovering server certificates or managing them to prevent disruptions, the product works in tandem with the overarching goals of the Venafi Control Plane.

Fast issuance and the edge

With features like fast issuance, the Control Plane's commitment to ultra low-latency services for machine identities translates directly to the practical needs addressed by TLS Protect Cloud. From cloud-native environments to the edge, the synchronization between these two concepts is clear and substantial.

Next steps

The Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities isn't just a theoretical framework; it's central in products like TLS Protect Cloud. By understanding the relationship between the two, you can better grasp how daily interactions with TLS Protect Cloud are part of a larger, interconnected strategy for effective machine identity management.

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