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Get a certificate using CSR

The certificaterequests function enrolls a certificate using a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). This function requires:

  • An application ID
  • A CSR
  • An Issuing Template

When submitting a certificate request to TLS Protect Cloud, you must choose an Issuing Template to use to evaluate the request.

To request a certificate

  1. If you have not already done so, obtain an API key.

  2. Obtain an Application ID for the certificate request. The Application to associate your certificate with should be based on which business purpose or systems the certificate will be used on. Applications are configured with a set of Certificate Issuing Templates that the Application Owner decided are permissible for requesting certificates.

  3. Use a tool, such as VCert or OpenSSL, to generate a CSR in the PKCS#10 format. The CSR field data must conform to the rules of the Issuing Template.

  4. Use the certificaterequests function and supply the CSR. For additional help, use the parameter descriptions from Dev Central. For example:


  5. In the JSON body, insert the applicationId and the certificateIssuingTemplateId values. Where necessary, make sure the CSR line breaks are escaped with \n. For example:
        "certificateSigningRequest": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\nMIICYzCCAUsCAQAwHj....BoiNIqtVQxFsfT+\n-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\n",
        "applicationId": "45d06980-ae82-11eb-9702-4fa2482840bf",
        "certificateIssuingTemplateId": "51cb8340-a993-11ea-8a4f-3f9fa45442b2",
        "validityPeriod": "P7D"
  6. Save the id, which is the Certificate Request ID, for other tasks, such as checking the status of a certificate.

    Example response

    HTTP 201 Created
        "certificateRequests": [
                "id": "ee8ae040-b19e-11eb-a502-139659b036ff",
                "companyId": "b5ed6d60-22c4-11e7-ac27-035f0608fd2c",
                "applicationId": "45d06980-ae82-11eb-9702-4fa2482840bf",
                "creationDate": "2021-05-10T14:49:33.047+0000",
                "modificationDate": "2021-05-10T14:49:33.119+0000",
                "status": "ISSUED",
                "certificateOwnerUserId": "b11e2720-2da1-11eb-a549-1b98453c62c9",
                "certificateIssuingTemplateId": "51cb8340-a993-11ea-8a4f-3f9fa45442b2",
                "certificateIds": [
                "certificateSigningRequest": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\nMIICYzCCAUsCA...Gc9UDRtBoiNIqtVQxFsfT+\n-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\n",
                "subjectDN": "",
                "keyLength": 2048,
                "keyType": "RSA",
                "subjectAlternativeNamesByType": {
                    "otherName": [],
                    "rfc822Name": [],
                    "dNSName": [],
                    "x400Address": [],
                    "directoryName": [],
                    "ediPartyName": [],
                    "uniformResourceIdentifier": [],
                    "iPAddress": [],
                    "registeredID": []
                "validityPeriod": "P7D"