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Checking a certificate status

You can use the certificaterequests function to show the CA Account approval status. TLS Protect Cloud reports one of the following statuses:

  • NEW: The request was received and saved from the end user.
  • PENDING: The request was successfully submitted to the CA account.
  • REQUESTED: The CA account acknowledged the receipt of the certificate request.
  • ISSUED: The CA account successfully issued the certificate.
  • REJECTED: The CA account rejected the certificate request.
  • CANCELLED: The certificate request was canceled.

To check the status of a certificate request

  1. If you have not already done so, obtain an API key.

  2. Use the certificaterequests function and the certificate request ID. For additional help, use the parameter descriptions from Dev Central. For example:

  3. In the JSON response, review the Status field. For example:

    HTTP 200 OK
        "id": "b30736b0-bce1-11eb-9af9-c947417e28d0",
        "companyId": "11447611-28f5-11eb-b879-87373a818312",
        "applicationId": "15927220-bcdf-11eb-aef6-d3dfbf271ceb",
        "creationDate": "2021-05-24T22:45:12.276+0000",
        "modificationDate": "2021-05-24T22:45:12.374+0000",
        "status": "ISSUED",
        "certificateOwnerUserId": "11ae3460-28f5-11eb-b879-87373a818312",
        "certificateIssuingTemplateId": "7f3ff940-bcdf-11eb-9af9-c947417e28d0",
        "certificateIds": [
        "certificateSigningRequest": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\nMIIDA.....+pv7l\n-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----\n",
        "subjectDN": ",ou=Documentation,o=Venafi, Inc.,c=US,st=Utah,l=Salt Lake City",
        "keyLength": 2048,
        "keyType": "RSA",
        "subjectAlternativeNamesByType": {
            "otherName": [],
            "rfc822Name": [],
            "dNSName": [
            "x400Address": [],
            "directoryName": [],
            "ediPartyName": [],
            "uniformResourceIdentifier": [],
            "iPAddress": [],
            "registeredID": []
        "apiClientInformation": {
            "type": "My API Client",
            "identifier": ""
        "validityPeriod": "PT168H"