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About Venafi as a Service

Venafi as a Service™ (Venafi as a Service) helps you find internal and external certificates and gives you the ability to monitor them and then take any needed action.

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Venafi as a Service provides intelligent insight, organizing machine identities the way you manage your applications, services and infrastructures. Inventory is catalogued with nested relationships showing an org unit at the highest roll up, business-critical applications within it, and applications at the lowest layer overall.

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. If your company uses Organizational Units and Applications, you can set up discovery based on org units and applications. When certificates are discovered, they are placed based on your organizational units and applications.

    How does this make things easier?

    Because you organize certificates based on your company's structure, Venafi as a Service can help you more effectively track and fix certificates that could potentially cause outages.

    You can create org units that mirror your organization's setup then assign applications to those org units.

    Overview of Certificate discovery via org units and applications


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  2. If your organization doesn't use Organizational Units and Applications, you can do a Full Network Discovery:

    Overview of Full Network Discovery


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