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Deleting VSatellites

When you need to retire an existing VSatellite, you can delete one or more of them from the VSatellite page.

Deleting a VSatellite is really just removing the object that represents a VSatellite that is installed on a file system in your network. To completely remove VSatellites, make sure that you delete the binary from the file system where it's installed after you've deleted it from Venafi as a Service.

To delete one or more VSatellites

  1. Log in to Venafi as a Service.
  2. Click Infrastructure > VSatellites.
  3. Select the VSatellites you want to delete, and then click Delete.
  4. When prompted, click Delete to confirm that you want it gone, destroyed, kaput.

After deleting your VSatellites, remember to remove the VSatellite binaries from the file systems where they're installed.