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Inviting other users to Venafi Cloud

Resource Owner typically grant users basic access to products. They can create some things but have some restrictions, too, such as creating CA accounts, issuing templates, or enabling SSO. PKI and System Administrator roles have higher privileges.

Inviting users is as simple as sending them a linked invitation.

To invite new users

  1. In the Venafi as a Service menu bar, click People > Users.

  2. Click Invite, and then click Copy Link.

    New User Invitation Link

  3. Using instant messaging, text messaging, or email, send the link to a new user.


    We suggest using the quickest means of sharing the link because it expires 10 minutes after you click Invite. If the link expires, simply click Invite again and share the updated link.

What's next

When recipients click your invitation link, they're shown a Venafi as a Service account registration page. After they successfully complete their registration, you can see their new account in Venafi as a Service by clicking People > Users, and then locating it by the user's name.

If you need to change a user's assigned role, you can do that from the Users page, too.