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About Vault Venafi Secrets Engine integration with DevOpsACCELERATE

Vault Venafi Secrets Engine overview

The Venafi Vault plug-in is implemented as a custom plug-in that implements a PKI secrets engine.

The integration is hosted in Venafi’s Github page.

The Venafi PKI secrets engine is configured by creating a new role that is linked to a zone that will be used to issue certificates. It also requires the API key that authenticates to Venafi Cloud.

Multiple roles can be created that use different zones to support use cases where different certificate types are required, such as:

  • Issuing certificates to Ingress controllers that contain TLS annotations to enable TLS for inbound traffic to your Kubernetes cluster
  • Creating certificates as Kubernetes secrets for use by pods in a Kubernetes cluster to secure communication between pods with TLS

Once the Venafi PKI secrets engine is enabled and configured with one or more roles, Vault will automatically forward certificate requests to Venafi Cloud for issuance whenever the native Vault commands to create certificates are executed.