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Installing the Venafi Terraform provider

The Venafi Terraform provider is a third-party provider written in Go. The provider must be compiled and placed on your Terraform host in your path so it can be located by Terraform.

Ensure that you have Go 1.7 and Terraform 0.8.8 or higher installed on your system. Git and make should also be installed. The provider has been tested on Centos 7 but should work on any modern Linux or Mac OS.

Build GoVCert

The GoVCert library is shipped separately from the Venafi Terraform provider.

  • Clone the GoVCert library on your system and build it as follows:
    go get -u
    go get


Some build errors will be shown. These can be safely ignored as the built binaries are included in the repo.

Install the Terraform provider

  1. Download and build the Terraform provider as follows:

    go get
    go build
  2. Copy the resulting terraform-provider-venafi binary to the same location as the terraform binary itself.