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Requesting an ACME certificate using certbot

You can easily request and enroll a certificate using certbot and your ACME server.


For a list of basic certbot commands for use when working with users, registrations, and certificates see Basic ACME certbot commands.

The following example shows:

  • The certbot command for requesting a certificate with two domains (chicago-cubs.venafi.example and cubs.venafi.example) from the ACME server to an Apache server.

  • That webroot is a feature of certbot that automates the HTTP domain validation (putting the ACME challenge on the web server so that Venafi Cloud can check it).

  • That certbot also supports a manual mode in which the user must copy and paste the ACME challenge to a file and put it on his or her web server manually.

    certbot certonly --webroot \

    --server[ZoneID]//directory \

    --cert-name cubs \

    --domains chicago-cubs.venafi.example,cubs.venafi.example \

    --webroot-path /var/www/html

When the certificate request is successful, you will receive a note that includes details about the new certificate.

cmd line output showing enrollment success