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Q. What validity period do the certificates issued via ACME from GlobalSign and DigiCert CertCentral have?

A. The GlobalSign and DigiCert CAs determine the validity period of issued certificates. Validity period intervals are based on the Certificate Product type that was selected when either the GlobalSign or DigiCert Certcentral CA account was created in Venafi Cloud. Venafi Cloud does not have control over validity periods.

Q. Can I set a custom validity period using parameters?

A. You cannot override the validity period chosen by the CA.

Q. Will I get an email notifying me that a certificate hasn’t been automatically renewed?

A. We do not currently send expiration emails.

Q. Do we support wildcard certificates like Let’s Encrypt via ACME?

A. Venafi Cloud does not restrict the type of certificate obtained from the CA. If the CA wildcard certificate product type is selected, a wildcard certificate will be issued by the CA in accordance with either the customer's GlobalSign or DigiCert Certcentral account settings.