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Checking a certificate status

You can use the 'certificaterequests' function to show the CA Account approval status. DevOpsACCELERATE reports one of the following statuses:

  • NEW: The request was received and saved from the end user.
  • PENDING: The request was successfully submitted to the CA account.
  • REQUESTED: The CA account acknowledged the receipt of the certificate request.
  • ISSUED: The CA account successfully issued the certificate.
  • REJECTED: The CA account rejected the certificate request.
  • CANCELLED: The certificate request was canceled.

To check a certificate status

  1. If you have not already done so, obtain an API key.

  2. To get the certificate id, use the JSON response from a certificatesearch or certificateinstancesearch function. For example:

        "certificates": [
                "id": "59f782d0-2637-11e8-9c27-854639d34df0",

  3. Use the certificaterequests function and the certificate id. For additional help, use the parameter descriptions from ´╗┐our screenshotdocumentation. For example:

  4. In the JSON response, review the Status field. For example:

    HTTP 1.1 OK
    "id": "31287720-33a7-11e7-a46e-833a67045926",
    "companyId": "9c731a20-2f8e-11e7-be41-1507c9a9e451",
    "projectzonesId": "9c7dc880-2f8e-11e7-be41-1507c9a9e451",
    "status": "ISSUED",
    "certificateName": "cn=ryan-terraform.venafi.invalid",
    "certificateOwnerUserId": "cb043dd0-33a6-11e7-a46e-833a67045926",
    "certificateissuingtemplates": {
    "certificateProviderId": "9c7b3070-2f8e-11e7-be41-1507c9a9e451",
    "product": {
        "certificateAuthority": "TESTCA",
        "validationScopeId": "9c731a20-2f8e-11e7-be41-1507c9a9e451",
        "certificateType": "DOMAIN_VALIDATED_SSL",
        "validityPeriod": "NINETY_DAYS",
        "hashAlgorithm": "SHA256",
        "caconfigurationId": "45024c60-1257-11e7-93ae-92361f002671"
    "caOrderId": "d880167ecbb946a6904150650168b28a",
    "certificateIds": [
    "subjectDN": "",
    "keyLength": 2048,
    "keyType": "RSA",
    "creationDate": "2017-05-08T04:31:23.538+0000",
    "modificationDate": "2017-05-08T04:35:00.459+0000"